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Fridge Slides (Inbuilt)


Black Widow fridge slides are the strongest in the business bar none!!


Our inbuilt system slides are a one piece folded galvanised steel design with strong 18mm carpeted water resistant top. The heavy duty stainless steel tie downs are recessed into the timber top and bolted through into the steel slide below. The tie downs lift up when in use and neatly fold down when they are not, giving a nice flat floor with no cumbersome protruding parts.


Black Widow also use twin runner bearings and side guide bearings for easier action. The slides lock in when not in use and automatically track lock when fully extended so if you are on an incline the fridge and slide won't move.


Inbuilt fridge slide available either on the passenger or drivers side. Your fridge dynamics will mostly determine your choice.


Now available with keyed-alike slide lock for added security and flush fitting slide pull handle.


Inbuilt Fridge Slides are available in 4 lengths:

RRP $350.00 - 800mm, 900, 1000mm

RRP $400.00 - 1300mm long


The longer slide is designed for the longer drawers made to suit utes and trays and give an extra 300mm extension for clearance outside the vehicle.


Download the Inbuilt Fridge Slide information printable PDF - CLICK HERE


Full Floor Fridge Slides (Inbuilt)

Black Widow's rock solid solution to sliding dual fridges or other large items.


For a number of years, Black Widow offered dual inbuilt fridge slides. These were based on a slide on the left and right sides that slid independently of each other.
About 2 years ago, we stopped offering this option as the control of side to side movement could not be achieved. Due to the lack of space to fit adjustment bearings to both sides of each slide, the lateral stability was compromised.
When we made these slides previously without the middle adjustment bearing, they had a tendency to bind if they came off track. They took a lot of time to setup correctly and were prone to being knocked out of adjustment in transit or during installation, causing alignment faults.
On single slides, we are able to fit side adjustment bearings either side of the slide as there is room to do so.
The solution, on dual slides the lateral adjustment bearings can be fitted in between the two slides.
By mounting a single platform to the dual slides with adjustment bearings in the centre to maintain alignment, we have achieved the required lateral alignment rigidity and reliability.
Now both fridges will slide out together and have the toughness and reliability our customers have come to expect from Black Widow.


Black Widow Full Floor Slide


Black Widow's rock solid solution to sliding dual fridges or other large items safely and reliably.


RRP $800.00 - BW800, BW900, BW1000 Dual Slide
RRP $900.00 - BW1300 Dual Slide




Black Widow have mounting boards and tie down straps to suit all styles of fridges.


Fridge Slides (Free Standing) 100% Extension

The FS-1.0, FS-1.5 and FS-2.0 stand alone heavy duty slides from Black Widow offer full extension, suiting a variety of uses. The slides are of high quality with a lock in and lock out mechanism and are rated at a 250kg high capacity of evenly distributed weight, and come with a full 1 year warranty.


FS-1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 fridge slides can be added to any system or flat surface. They simply bolt down.


The FS-1 is designed to accommodate most fridges up to 50 litres such as the Waeco, Engel and Bushman range. (Excluding the Waeco CFX range).


The FS-1.5 was introduced to fit WAECO CFX 40-65ltr, EVAKOOL TRAVELMATE 30-60ltr range, NATIONAL LUNA 40 & 65ltr.


The FS-2.0 was made for fridges over 60 litres and suits the Waeco, Engel, Evercool, Explorer and the like.

RRP $399.00 FS-1.0

RRP $429.00 FS-1.5

RRP $479.00 FS-2.0

Black Widow FS1.0 showing Travel Lock Black Widow FS1.0 front laser cut Black Widow's patented Travel Lock

FS-1.0 (pictured above)

External: L750 x W455 x H80mm

Internal cradle size: L705 x W385mm

FS-1.5 (pictured above)

WAECO CFX 40-65ltr, EVAKOOL TRAVELMATE 30-60ltr range, NATIONAL LUNA 40 & 65ltr, CHESCOLD 33ltr.

External: L750 x W530 x H80mm

Internal cradle size: L705 x W455mm


Black Widow FS2.0 front laser cut Black Widow's patented Travel Lock Black Widow FS2.0 open

FS-2.0 (pictured above)

External: L850 x W560 x H80mm

Internal cradle size: L805 x W490 x H80mm

- An optional infill-board is available for Engel 60 litre fridges that have a side position socket. The board lifts the fridge 20mm allowing the power socket to clear the side of the slide. (Not included.)

Download FS-1.0, FS-1.5 and FS-2.0 Fridge Slide information PDF - CLICK HERE


Black Widow Fridge Tie Down Straps

Cam buckle and stainless steel buckle used. Each strap has two pieces, one attaches to the handle of your fridge and the other attaches to the fridge slide and / or lashing ring. They will safely retain any fridge.

RRP $29.00 - Set of 4


Black Widow Tie Down Straps x4 Black Widow Tie Down Straps on inbuilt slide Black Widow Tie Down Straps in action

Easy Slide Fridge Slides

Ron Moon evaluates the new Easy Slide.

Ron Moon evaluates the new Easy Slide.

The new Black Widow Easy Slide lowers safely with our patented, unique safety system. It will not drop.
It is ADR & OH&S compliant.

The patented vertical scissor lift action is a new technology and cannot DROP with the new safety latch system, so the anomalies associated with laden and unladen fridges are no longer an issue or safety concern.
The fridge cannot fall and injure or harm any users, even small children. The handle works as it should too, it pulls down to lower the fridge leaving no messy handles in the way, giving clear access to the fridge.



Just look at these unique features...
• PATENTED Built-in safety mechanism - ensures the slide cannot drop unexpectedly, even if the handle is released.

Technical details about the new Easy Slide

Technical details about the new Easy Slide.

• Safe and easy to use - ADR and OH&S compliance tested.
• PATENTED Gas strut assisted scissor action - effortless for all ages, even when fully loaded.
• Full access to your fridge - the handle is out of the way, up or down.
• PATENTED Travel lock included - our slide locks down in all directions for complete safety
when travelling on the highway or in the harsh outback.
• CYCLE TESTED ACTION - 10,000 movements proven scissor action.­

These slides are made in Australia and come with a 3 year conditional warranty.


''It's a beauty... the 'Rolls Royce' of fridge slides. An absolute cracker''

To read an independent review of the Easy Slide by "4x4 Australia" CLICK HERE


Prado 150 with ES-1 fitted Easy Slide action Easy Slide action Easy Slide ES-1 Easy Slide safety mechanism

Black Widow's Easy Slide safely lowers your fridge approximately 265mm giving you full access, easily.



ES-1.0 suits most fridges 30-50 litres.

Weight: 37kg

Size: L845 x W550 x D182mm approx. Cradle size: L705 x W385mm

Distance lowered: 265mm

Extension: 50mm (clear of mounting surface)

3 Years warranty



ES-1.5 suits Waeco CFX 40-65ltr, EvaKool Travelmate 30-60ltr range, National Luna 40 & 65ltr, Chescold 33ltr.

Weight: 37kg

Size: L845 x W620 x D182mm approx. Cradle size: L705 x W455mm

Distance lowered: 265mm

Extension: 50mm (clear of mounting surface)

3 Years warranty



ES-2.0 suits 60-80ltr such as Waeco, Engel, Evercool, Trailblaza, Explorer and the like.

Weight: T.B.A.

Size: T.B.A. Internal cradle size: L805 x W490

3 Years warranty



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